5 Easy Steps to Get Perfect Natural Eyebrows

For a long time, everyone has focused on thickening their eyebrows, while some of us prefer to show their eyebrows only in their most natural condition. Natural and thick eyebrow fashion, which is popular in recent years, has taken us as a prisoner. Natural eyebrow models were added to the trend of natural makeup trend. Thanks to the messy eyebrows and eyebrow makeup tricks, we have a very energetic, young and cool look. If you’re one of them, be ready to bring perfection to your natural eyebrows in 5 steps. If you are wondering how natural eyebrow models are obtained, you can follow the steps below to obtain a natural and thick eyebrow model.

Step one: How To Get Thicker Eyebrows

Natural eyebrow does not mean scattered brow. Scan up your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush that looks like a mascara brush. So you’ll see more of your eyebrows. Cut the eyebrows that are too long to reach the natural eyebrows. When you cut your eyebrows, you should use the small scissors that are small. You can cut your eyebrows more risklessly with small scissors.

Step two: Make the eyebrow

When shaping eyebrows, you should also pay attention to the facial features. If you have an oval face shape, the curved eyebrows will show your face longer. That’s why you can prefer the bump models. Triangle faces should use long and soft curved eyebrow models. This brow model will make your face look smaller. If you have a square face line, you can soften the face shape with round eyebrow models. Although the techniques of eyebrow dyeing seem difficult, you will get used to it after trying a few times.

Step three: How is Eyebrow scanned?

It is very important to scan your eyebrows upwards to make your eyebrows look scattered and thick throughout the day. The up-scanned eyebrows will let you catch a fresh and modern style. You can use eyebrow mascara to keep your eyebrows fixed. We recommend that you always scan your eyebrows upwards from the base of the eyebrow.

Step Four: Unused natural eyebrow

Natural eyebrows come from the top of the most popular natural eyebrows. If you like eyebrows that look thick and messy, you have to say goodbye to the tweezers as the first job. Three weeks after you stop taking your eyebrows, the eyebrows will return to their natural state. One month later you will be able to reach the scattered eyebrows of your dream.

Step Five: Filling the eyebrow

If your natural eyebrows are not thick enough, you should seek help from the eyebrow pencil to clarify their eyebrows. You shouldn’t separate the eyebrows pencil for obvious eyebrows. A shaped, regular eyebrow will mask the signs of aging around the eyes. Don’t forget to fill your eyebrows with the help of the eyebrow pencil.
Fill the spaces between the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil and gently distribute it with the eyebrow brush behind the pen. You shouldn’t use the eyebrow pencil too much as we aim for a natural look. After applying the eyebrow pencil, you should pay great attention to the color of the eyebrow pencil so that the color difference in your eyebrows is not clear. With the eyebrow pencils that are the same color as your eyebrow color, you will achieve a natural result.

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