Brown Eyes

5 Eye Makeup Tips to Brown Eyes

You’re on the right track if you’re doing makeup to emphasize its natural beauty, not to cover the flaws! While we are doing makeup, we set out to highlight our cheekbones, to put our full lips in the center of attention, to emphasize our eye color! You too? So, these 5 suggestions that will help you highlight your brown eyes are coming to you!

1. Bronze hues

A bronze glittering make-up that fits summer trends It suits brown eyes! With the contrast you’ve created, you’re going to collect all the looks!

2. Point detailed eyeliner

If you’re looking for a different, practical choice, you can try this detailed eyeliner style. The shades of make-up will make a perfect match with your eye color!

3. Nude Tones Winged Eyeliner

This eye makeup classic looks so good at brown eyes!

4. Lower – top eyeliner

Our innovative girls are here! If you like the difference, graphic eye make-up is exactly for me, you can try this style as soon as possible.

5. Marginal colors

Different color shades will fit your brown eyes! You can combine many shades of coffee with your eyes, from neon orange to lemon yellow. Remember, light tones will make your brown eyes more prominent.

Did you make your choice? What eye makeup will you try first?

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