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5 Eyeshadow Tips for Brown Eyes

Are you upset because you’re not colored-eyed? If the answer is yes, we would like to remind you that the colors available to the brown eyes are much more! If you want to know what colors to put your eyes on, you can have a look at our list.

1. Blue shades

The smoky make-up with its blue shades will create a perfect contrast with the brown color and add an unmistakable beauty to your face.

2. Copper tones

The eye shadow in copper and peach tones are in harmony with brown eyes. You can easily choose these tones when you want to make smokey eye makeup in your daily life.
Especially if you want to create a contrast and make your brown eyes look more distinctive, you should definitely include copper tones in eye makeup.

3. Green shades

Green tones are contrast to brown shows eye color more vivid. That means more stressed looks! A smoky eye makeup with emerald green and brown tones will make your brown eyes look more open than it is.

4. Golden shades

The shades of gold will fit your brown eyes and reveal them completely! Apply gold shadow, which is compatible with brown, as a base for eyelids. You can also apply dark brown shadow to the outer parts of your eyes and give it depth to your eyes.

5. Smoked shades

And the stock of our list, of course smoked and shades! Smoky makeup with smoked far all attention will be in your eyes. If you apply a white pencil on the inside of the lower eyelash bottoms, your eyes will look bigger with the smoked headlight.

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