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Are Eyelashes Sparse? These Tips are Right for You

The hidden hero of makeup is undoubtedly voluminous eyelashes. It is quite normal to feel naked in the days when we forgot to apply mascara! How can those with weak or sparse lashes get lush lashes? Don’t say my eyelashes can never look bold! Follow the tips below to get a powerful and effective look. In our opinion it is worth trying!

Trust in the power of nature
You have to believe in the power of natural ingredients in mascara selection. Especially when you try to remove the mascara when you come home, you should use natural mascara to prevent your lashes from being damaged.

Apply mascara with zigzag gestures

You must apply the from bottom to the end when applying Mascara. You should prefer zig zag movements instead of direct and straight practice. Thus, the mascara will pass between all the eyelashes. When you apply the mascara with straight movements, you can only give lashes length, you should prefer zig zag movements for volume.

Apply Mascara Twice

We recommend that you always apply the mascara twice. You must apply the second layer before the first layer dries. so you can have lush lashes. If the eyelashes are too skinny, you can apply three layers of mascara, but we do not recommend 3 layers of mascara on daily makeup.

Brush preference
If you have short lashes, we recommend curling brush mascara. Thus, both eyelashes will appear longer and curly. If you say my eyelashes are long but sparse, you should use short and plump brushes. Thus, the eyelashes will appear more voluminous but also voluminous.

Don’t forget your lower eyelashes

Let’s face it, most of us jump our lower eyelashes into daily makeup. If we want to reach voluminous lashes, we must apply mascara to the lower lashes. When choosing mascara on the lower lashes, you can give priority to the plastic brushes.

Apply Eyeliner

If you have sparse lashes, you shouldn’t finish eye makeup without apply eyeliner. Thus your makeup will look more effective and stunning.

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