How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly

Eyeshadow applications for beginners to makeup may look complicated. However, after understanding the logic, there is no reason you can not make eye makeup like professionals! Here are step-by-step applying eyeshadow…

Distribute Well

The golden rule for a perfect eye makeup is to distribute the eye shadow thoroughly. Unevenly distributed eye shadow does not appear natural. To do this, you must use a soft brush.

Choose the appropriate color

Color selection is very important. You must choose the colors that will reveal the color of your eyes. For example, blue eyes, blue, bronze, light coffee suits the green eyes of purple, dark green and brown tones befitting. Brown eyes, the luckiest one, you can be more comfortable in color selection.

Highlight Accurately

The light-colored eyeshadow that you apply to the eyebrow bone and the corners of your eyes will help to illuminate your entire face.

Attention to silvery eyeshadow

Glittered eyelights emphasize wrinkles, so if you have wrinkles use cream eyeshadow.

Dark Colored Eyeshadow

The dark headlight, which is very close to the lash line, makes your eyes look smaller than it is.
If you want your eyes to look larger, keep the dark headlight away from this area and move it upwards.

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