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How to Do Dark Green Smokey Eye?

In emerald tones, dark green smokey eye makeup is among the favorite views of this year. Considering that the shades of jewelery often rise between the make-up trends, it’s time to tell how the dark green smokey eye make-up is made! In eye makeup, not only black and brown, especially in smokey appearance. From time to time, you can also create eye-catching eye makeup by adding different colors.

Dark Green Smokey Eye Makeup

Firstly, we apply the green tone to our eyelid. We like to use this palette in smokey eye makeup because we can increase its density as we like! We also apply the black shadow in the Smoke palette to the outer corner of our eyes to increase the smokey effect. In order to make the smokey effect attractive, we apply the green headlight to our lower lashes.

Increase the dose of emerald!

If you like this emerald green effect on your eye makeup, you can increase the dose with a green eye pencil.

Voluminous and curly eyelashes

The appearance of voluminous and curly eyelashes in smoky eye makeup is very important.

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