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Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup in 5 Steps

How do you make the smokey eye makeup? Don’t worry, you can finish the smokey eye makeup in 10 minutes by making a quick makeup. Now we’ve prepared the smokey eye makeup guide for you. Don’t forget to take inspiration from the best headlamp palettes for this eye makeup. Follow the steps below to get the shadowy makeup of your dream.

Step 1: Apply primer

For the smokey eye makeup to look fascinating all day long, you must apply primer to eyelids.

Step 2: Apply a neutral color to the eyelid

When making dark eye makeup, you should first create a base for eye makeup by applying a neutral color to the entire eyelid. Thanks to this color, you will have the opportunity to mix the darker colors more easily in the next steps. When you first apply a dark color to your eyes, a rookie result will emerge.

Step 3: Shade eyelid

If you want to add depth to your eyes for your smokey eye makeup, you should watch this step. Choose the darkest color you want to use for eye makeup and apply it to the fold line of the eyelid and distribute it thoroughly.

Step 4: Reveal your eyes

After revealing the fold line of his eyes, he came to the little makeover trick. Spread the metallic tone in the center of the eyelid and distribute it thoroughly.

Step 5: Light smokey eye makeup

Light smokey eye makeup comes to the fore in 2018 makeup trends. For this view, we recommend that you select the lightest colors in the headlamp palette.
Especially light soil colors, nude tones and the most pale tones of pink will help you make light smokey eye makeup.

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