Spring 2019 Eyeshadow Trends

Now that the weather is warm, It’s time to get an eye-catching and colorful look on eye makeup. Tired of classic eye make-ups can now go to spring fashion. This spring we try to examine eyeshadow trends step by step. Those who like practical and cool eye makeup can get a lot of inspiration from this article. It’s spring eyebrow trends.

Single-shade eyeshadow style

We can say, Among the 2018 eyeshadow trends, our favorite trend. You can create creative and impressive eye makeup using one color shadow.
All you have to do is distribute the shades thoroughly. Thanks to the pencil headlights that are easy to spread and creamy, you can achieve the live look you want with one touch. Then distribute the eyeshadow with the mixing brush to the scribe of the eyelid. To add some depth to the eyelid, you can apply the eyeshadow to the fold line and apply a single eye shadow shade.

Misty eyeshadow style

The misty eye makeup style comes to the rescue of those who are always late. Instead of using classic black or brown steamed eye makeup, you can make ambitious eye makeup using pink, blue or purple shades. Apply the color of the eye shadow on the eyelid.

Sunset headlight trend

The colors we will use this year are inspired by sunset. You can shine red, orange or yellow in your eyes and reflect the most popular color of spring evenings to eye makeup.

Wet-looking shadow trend

Eyeshadow is very important which you use for creamy and wet-looking eyeshadow style. You should use creamy or liquid eyeshadow for this look.

Get inspired by colors

You shouldn’t forget to take inspiration from the colors in the spring of 2019. You can increase the mode by carrying yellow, purple and orange tones to your eyes, and you can create views that will suit your spring months.

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